Wordpres EDUCON theme - moving pages possible?

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MY EDUCON blog is looking better, but I'd prefer it if the blog wasn't on the Home page, but on one of the tabs, and the home page was something I could design.
Is that just bad luck. - Not how blogs are done?

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Your question seems cryptic + maybe what you're asking about relates to splitting your blog out of your main site.

The way I approach this with clients is...

1) Avoid nested WordPress installs... for example...

https://foo.com - WordPress install

https://foo.com/blog - Another WordPress install

2) Place all WordPress installs on their own host name... so the above changes to...

https://foo.com - WordPress install

https://blog.foo.com - WordPress install

With this type setup, you can change either site independent of each other.
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A split looks like a potentially disruptive or complex idea.

Thanks for helping me avoid it!

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