Recommendations moving large amounts of data with long file paths

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Moving 400G of data with long file paths causing copy issues. What is the best way to automatically move the data whether it be scripts or software? Folder Structure needs to remain intact, long file names can be changed (assuming they are copied into the same folder on the target.)

Thank you.
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VM to VM?  Move the virtual disk.

Physical to VM? Create a virtual disk with Disk2VHD

Physical to Physical?  Move to the 21st century and go virtual.
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Operating system in use? Windows Linux/unix?

Backup > restore

What setup ....... Copy would be safer.
Robocopy rsync might ..
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Unless I'm missing something restore from backup is not an option. Maybe restore in itself is from source to target if there are no other conditions. However in this case I have some folders already copied, I believe this would be affected if I restored to the folder one level higher.

If I mount a drive from backup I get the same long file error if I try to copy to a new location, copies (restores) fine back to the original location.

I ended up using longfilepath.exe and it took care of any issues.
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Used longfilepath.exe

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