Open and external link using specific browser

On our SharePoint, I need to embed a link that will open an external webpage using a specific browser, please advise.
Roberto Madro R.Programmer AnalystAsked:
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Steve BinkCommented:
Generally speaking, you can't do this.  

Links are opened by passing the full target URL to the OS's file handling subsystem.  The OS parses the URL to find the protocol, e.g., file://, http://, etc.  Each protocol known by the OS has been assigned a default application used to open that reference.  In order to force the OS to use a specific application, you would either need to be able to run arbitrary local apps from a remote HTML page (a *huge* no-no...we have entire security regimes built around preventing this very idea), or the OS would need the ability to recognize some kind of trigger telling it a different app is requested.

As it happens, I did find some specific work-arounds.  Spoiler alert: MS wants you to use IE/Edge.  Apparently, Windows handler subsystem recognizes and looks for a "microsoft-edge" protocol in URLs.  I tested this on my local Windows system, and it works as advertised.  I tried fumbling around to find triggers for other browsers, but was unsuccessful.  They likely do not exist in Windows.  After all, MS has no interest in getting people to use something other than Edge.

That same article details a similar type of trigger on iOS, but I could not test the accuracy of that claim.

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Roberto Madro R.Programmer AnalystAuthor Commented:
Although not a solution to what I was seeking, and neither an alternative was provided, nonetheless I appreciate the thought around my request and why it's not safe to pursue.
Steve BinkCommented:
An important note here: sometimes "You can't do that" is the answer.  Between the design of the OS and the inherent security concerns, I'm confident that's the solution here.

Good luck!
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