Best Logo size for WP site?

I've found some different opinions around, and I'm going to ImageMonster tomorrow morning to outline the logo for my site

It must be made for 200x100 , 200x200, and 70x70? Is it most often used at 400x400?

Is there a good preparation, advice page for logos? I'm not certain that my ideas will be discernible at 70x70

beavoidSelf EmployedAsked:
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Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
When you design a logo, you're generally designing it for a number of different purposes, including print and media, so you'll probably want a hi-res version to act as the master. You can then resize that to whatever needs you have i.e. WordPress. If your logo doesn't scale down particularly well, then you have a couple of options - redesign it so that it does, or design a second version of your logo  that does work at smaller sizes. Take a look at the logos for Microsoft or Google. They have their main, full logo, but they also have an iconised version of it (The Windows logo or te Google G)
This may depend of your WP template, some template have max height for the logo, so you may check all dummy logo size in your template
(menu, smaller menu, footer, contact page).

What I usually do for complex logo ( or logo with text) is that I create a simplified logo usually it is  one part of the logo without the text
so it will look good for fav icon and smaller logo. When this is not possible I use the first letter or the company name and keep color and style (mostly for favicon)

Some logo have a lot of text and won't render well even in larger version. So I took only the logo without the wording for most of the logo and keep the full logo for slide show / somewhere on top of the page under the menu.

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Andrew DerseOwnerCommented:
I agree with @lenamtl. It 100% depends on the WP Theme you are going to use. There are now 2 different sizes you should generate a logo for.

1) Normal sized logo
2) Retinal display sized logo ( this is generally twice the size of the normal logo )

Also, a logo can have many different aspect this is a very tough question to ask us here.

It really is in the eye of the beholder ;)
beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
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