OneNote into sharepoint web template

I work with sharepoint foundation newest bulid and OneNote 2016 (office 365). And I have a OneNote file inside of a library and saved as web template. If I produce a new web, I have a new OneNote. That works fine. But when I open the OneNote the first time, the section has a message "loading process running... please wait" (german: Ladevorgang läuft... bitte warten). Nothing happens than, this text remains.
I can generate new sections in OneNote, thats ok, but my template sections remain in this loading state.

In the library generated in this way, the "section" property is set as required even when I switch it off bevor I save the web as template.
Strange, isn't it?

Does anyone know how to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

No replies since this poste since about two months. Do you understand the question or is it such a unsolvable problem? Thanks for any comments.
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Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
First time I have seen this question...

Seems as if starting One Note for the first time is sending a request for data somewhere that it may not have access. If you open the One Note notebook in One Note software you can double check where the notebook is saved. Make sure that location is somewhere that the new SharePoint web can access.

Viel gluck...
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