how difficult is it to make a AI in ruby?

How difficult is it for someone to make an AI interface that can be used on my computer, that can access anything from google maps when asking where something is located (like siri) all the way to being able to scan a hard drive for the contents held within it? I work for this small company and all we do is use google maps and take old hard drives and scan them for their contents, upon request by customer, and retrieve data deleted, lost, or just unreachable due to computer malfunction. I want to see if there is an easier way to do this, by using an AI to do all the hard work, and all we have to do is tell it to scan the drive and collect the lost data and store it into either a zip file or something as such. Please let me know thoughts. Am also flexible, doesn't have to be in ruby, but a lot of things we do, we use ruby based programs that's why I'm curious if its possible.
James MadisonAsked:
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