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Hi all,

I know next to nothing about Microsoft Dynamics CRM but we have a client that has this spread across 3 Windows servers and no longer have support for this but they've advised us that it's stopped working (getting the error "business management error - the user id associated with the current record is not valid) so i've checked all the IIS bits are running along with the services and want to go to the management console to check settings there but i can't seem to find any console or management tool/program at all ? Can someone tell me if there IS a management program (like management studio for SQL) where i can "manage" the CRM system ?
Hope this makes sense.
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There is the Dynamics CRM Deployment manager which is for managing instances (or databases).

Users are managed within the CRM application itself (web app).

If you find the deployment manager, look for a deployment administrator. You can probably use that account to login to the CRM app where you can manage user settings.

Has this stopped for all users or just one user?


Thanks, i managed to find another account and got into the CRM web console and all is now working

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