Authentication between SAP servers and Database and the use of certificate!!!

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We are looking to replace our current SAP systems with a new one.  We were thinking of pointing using a friendly URL to point to the database such as  and instead of using DB Server name.

This way our application servers just get this FQDN to point to the database.  THis would simplify our DR planning and future migrations.

The question is, does SAP require certificates or something similar where the application servers would not be able to communicate with the DB  (SQL or Oracle).  My understanding is SQL and Oracle use username\pass to authenticate,  or does SAP rely on certificates to communicate with the DB servers?
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When you say SAP are you asking about how DB2 authenticates?
Geert GOracle dba
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i'd look at what type of setup sap supports before going in that direction

there are a few rules on what can be done on the database under the sap hood in the user license
for instance, you can't create other schemas within that database which are not to be used by the sap system

find a sap bc consultant, they usually know all those technical details

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