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Hello all, i am new to IT field and was wondering the first steps into becoming an IT professional. I did about a year at ITT-Tech before they shut down. I was just wondering, i just completed my IT fundamentals course and nothing stood out that i didnt know. Right now, im currently about to enroll in the A+ certification course. Im torn in what path i should do after that. Any advice? Also, what the take on IT certifications Vs a Degree?
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Well after the IT certification (in my case Microsoft's) it's a boom, the Degree is more like "a prerequisite" that most of the employees uses to say "you don't have a degree, so I can't hire you", but with the certification (and the degree) it's a sustain offer of jobs. At least that has been my experience.
TomMicrosoft ISV Partner
Wow this was a tough question.
It depends on your goals and the country you live in.
The field you are entering is not what it was 5.10 years ago.
Rapid changes within companies makes your field very exposable in changes.
means it is easy for management to outsource the whole IT department.
And less and less recourses is needed.

I will highly recommend you to look into a allround field such as java programmer, IoT programming and so on.
IT certification, what you take today is obsolete in 5 years, are you ready to do it all over again for the rest of your life?
Degree : At least you have a paper to show on your CV. But is it worth it?

Look for the job you want to have and choose the papers needed to get there.
I like your Autocad background, what about 3D? Specializing yourself in this field will keep you buzzy in many years to come.
If you are looking  at a corporate job, the next thing to do would be ITIL fundamentals. This is more about IT management than IT per se, not technical stuff. Corporates often run IT services within an ITIL framework, so if you understand the terminology and processes, it makes it MUCH easier to work in such an area.

It will not be easy getting your first job, however with some study behind you, A+ and ITIL fundamentals, you might be able to find employment in level1 helpdesk or similar.

After a couple of years of that, you will have experience, which will help a lot, however that first job might be a bit tricky.
Leonard LucAutocad Drafter


all of these are amazing responses. i appreciate all of your input. i do alot of self study im everyones go to guy for IT questions. and of course im ready to renew certs every 5 years. IT is my passion i love learning about it. its just my social network is limited to just me when it comes to IT i live in new orleans, La and am 27 years old. i have all the time in the world. thank you all!

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