what guidelines do i need to use when writing the content for my website ?.please use a non technical simple language with example asI am not highly skilled in IT

saad Ajil
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i need your help in explaining how can i write a good content for my website that can help increase the traffic to my website  ?
and how i select the key words ?
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The biggest thing you could probably do to increase traffic to your site is not the content itself. If it's not visually interesting people won't stop to read anything in the first place. Also, when you're using keywords to push traffic don't use obscure terms that only your article would teach people. If you have an article about networking, you use the keyword "internet" but also use the keyword "networking". It's all about making the general user have less difficulty finding you. It also depends on the site you're trying to run. Are you a beauty site? Use terminology that would make sense to someone looking for beauty products. Etc etc from there.
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A good rule of thumb when you're trying to "sell" something to someone:

Make it easy and make it pretty.

It's as much the same as it would be for cars and clothes as for websites.
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Not only good content writing but also to have picture or multimedia related objects in your content to explain to users. Your content must be simple and easy understandable as well. And content should target the specific target audiences.
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