How a business can use social media to promote & sell their goods and services

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In a meeting some time back, a comment was thrown on the table that over 88% of companies in the US, with 100+ employees, are using social media.  We don't have any social media presences and are now considering it - we did started setting up just accounts for social media that was mention in that meeting (facebook, tweeter, linkedin, youtube, instagram, pinterest).

We understand this is a vast subject, and maybe complicated, but would greatly appreciated any EE that may have some experience in the topic, share their advice  in:

- what to consider prior.
- which social media get into first.
- how many should we set up in.
- doing this less monies possible (as a start).

Thank you in advance.
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Do you have a corporate website?

What products / service you are selling now?

Not all products are suitable to be promoted via social media.


As per questions...

Do you have a corporate website?

- in process (reason for the question, see if we should link the social media sites in the site)

What products / service you are selling now?

- consulting, development, finance

What is your opinion in what to consider prior setting up SM?, which should we get into first? should we setup SM in all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)?

It doesn't have to be specific, we are looking for any EE with experience in the subject so we can use as guideline.

As you said this is a VAST subject. There are companies which will lead you for a price. As a start consider
" what to consider prior.'
Do you want to commit time to this project? If so how much? Whatever you do, keep your presence correct and updated.

-" which social media get into first."
#1 facebook. #2 facebook

- "how many should we set up in."
one, to start

- "doing this less monies possible (as a start)."
Facebook has lots of free help and suggestions. Learn how to use it. They have some programs to enhance you presence for a reasonable price.
Put up contnent in which your desired audience is interested. (Only you can decide what is interesting). If the content is interesting the audience will come and see your "ads"



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