flash cookies on android

android 7 phone

if I use a different browser app can large company website see that I am the same person

I know on a windows computer ebay and amazon use flash cookies

Is there something similar to flash cookies on android to let large companies know that users are same person
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Jackie ManCommented:

Privacy by Design
It is hard to talk about targeting without privacy. The inventive solutions developed to overcome default factory settings and application sandboxes indicates the industry needs to rethink its approach to privacy and the persistent identifiers that enable tracking.  The consumer should be faced with a simple choice of whether they want content and advertisements delivered that are tailored to their interests and be able to control it.  That control should extend across the browser and application domains.  It should be easy for them to find out who has what information about them.  By taking such a fundamental approach to privacy management and tying it to a revocable identifier, the industry will win by having a reliable identifier for those consumers happy to be tracked and consumer will win by finally having true privacy transparency, choice and control.

The last paragraph from the link above gives a good summary on the current methods and their shortcomings in identity tracking.

In short, it is up to the users whether they want to be identified. Therefore, big content providers must focus on content instead of identity tracking and require users to create a credential and login with the credential before you can have access to the content you want.

It is the case in this forum also. If you are not logon with your credential, you will have no access to the content provided.

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Jackie ManCommented:
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