Creating a WCF client and store results in local DB.

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We have a customer who is using a software provider who's product is hosted in the cloud. Basically the customer has a reporting tool that they would like to connect to the back end of the software to interrogate and pull data out. The software provider wont allow this, but they are going to setup a WCF service which pulls the data out of their SQL server, and makes it available to the customer. What we need to do is create a WCF client that can connect to the WCF service, and pull the data out (ie daily), and then we would like to store the data in a local SQL DB, where the reporting tool can interrogate. Any thoughts / tips on this?
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ICK.  Yet another reason to never give your data up to the cloud unless it is your OWN company cloud.  One of the things I always warn my clients of is losing control of their data once they sign up for a cloud based service.  It's one thing to buy/lease software that you run on your own server where you have control of the data and quite another to completely lose the ability to use your own data for ad hoc purposes.  The "cloud" sounds so warm and fuzzy.  It is so nice to have someone take care of you.  Here's the dark underbelly.  I've had clients who actually had to rekey their entire contact database when they decided to drop a well known cloud based service and there was no way to get their own data back except via printed reports.

I hope you're not talking about a lot of data.  I don't know what software you want to use but if the client extracts the data as a .csv file, and puts it in an FTP site, you can use almost anything on your side to get the file every day, move it to a backup folder and either update or replace yesterday's file.  I've done this with Access so even VBA is capable.
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