Has anyone had experience with RDP acceleration software?

Thomas Anthony
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We have several Remote Desktop Servers (Windows 2008R2) that are optimized as much as we can for the time being. We have budgeted for upgrades but in the mean time, has anyone used RDP Acceleration software such as Ericom, etc with any luck?

Can anyone recommend such a product?
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You may need to clarify what issues you are experiencing and what it is you wish to achieve.
I.e. Utilization of RDP sessions...
Windows 2008 has application push deals with limiting which application over RDP ...
In an RDP session, the client is only (generally) the screen, mouse, and keyboard for the host they are connecting to.  The only real exception is if there are raster (GDI) printers (unintelligent) on the client side in which case there can be huge delays in printing due to the sheer volume of data that has to be sent to the printer.
Beyond that, server 2008 has numerous options that can be set to reduce the color depth, control or disable audio redirection, eliminate the desktop picture, and to otherwise reduce the volume of information that needs to be sent to the clients which directly affects the speed of the RDP session.
So, if the problem is with the responsiveness of the remote client, tackle those options to reduce the data needing to be sent from the host.
If; however, the issues are with the server itself, you need to address its performance and nothing you do for the client will improve things.
Where do you see "slowness"?
Thomas AnthonySecurity Administrator


I appreciate the answers. My question is more if anyone has used third party software like "Ericom" or something similar as a way to help with the performance of the RDP connection.
Because the modern RDP protocol already uses encryption and compression technologies that are, really, pretty good, don't expect any "performance enhancing" product to make any real difference.
That is why both of us have asked what the specifics of your problems are rather than suggest any add on product.

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