Change logon user Domain name in Active directory

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I need to change all the users' logon name domain name
so instead of change to
In user's properties Account tab.

How can it be done please?
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Are you actually changing the domain, renaming ad domain, or relates to trust relationship and use of ....

Which Windows server OS,

Commonly one can alter what will be used for user authentication, you seem to be asking something beyond that.
I.e. Instead of using username@domain one could alter to use the firstname lastname, etc ...
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Are you talking about Usera has email address usera@companya.comnow you added another domain as well,
You can set the new email as the default but will alter the auth method to use the email address....
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1st ensure that new domain is added under domains and trust as UPN

Then select all users and right click properties and from account tab change domain to required one

U may use toll like Bulk AD users from Wisesoft (free tool) if wanted
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Have a look at this (supports multi-domain management, bulk operations, templates, etc.):


Not changing or adding or renaming a domain. No Trusts relationships either.
 Just want the users' domain to be different. (instead of

Sam - I'll look into your suggestion.  Thanks!
Distinguished Expert 2018
That is what I am telling
I said, go to domain and trust MMC console and check if required domain is added there as UPN

after that you can change logon domain (UPN) with any available methods

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