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Hi Experts,

I am a final year diploma student of Computer Engineering. Currently i and my team are looking for title for our final year project. We need your recommendation of our final year project. The topic is about network management, network security, embedded system, IoT, or cloud computing. Do you have any good idea?

If you don't mind, please share your ideas, suggestion, or experience.

Thanks in advance
Lambok SinagaAsked:
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Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Development of a smart home is the trend in the coming future and such idea shall fit into most topics required in your final year project.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Jackie Man posted a good idea - one of the continuing problems with IoT is the security of the connected physical objects...
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:

The next wave of ransomware will be targeted to IoT device and I are more and more devices doing Smart Home now.

Google Home is an example on Smart Home.
Introduction to R

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Lambok SinagaAuthor Commented:
Hi sir.

Thank you for respond my question.
 I think smart home is a good idea. What if i concern about its device security instead of assemble it?
How do you think?
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Device security on IoT devices is a big topic on its own.

You need to focus on one or two solutions on smart home in the market and do research on their vulnerabilities and make recommendations on how to improve them.

If you have done proper research, I am certain you will get a good grade and will get a good chance to get a good job after graduation.
Lambok SinagaAuthor Commented:
I see. That's a great idea, but for some consideration, i can't do it.
If you don't mind, could you give me some another suggestions please?
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Can you give us background information of your current study first?
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
IoT devices with bi-directional communication to something like Azure IoT hub plugged into machine learning.

Here is small IoT project I did for fun, hope that you publish yours on EE for us to enjoy :)

I recommend ESP8266 dev board are very cheap and already has WiFi

I am currently fooling around with a mining simulator (pits, plants, stockpiles, trains, truck etc.) that will report all activities to Azure IoT and display it on PowerBI dashboard
Lambok SinagaAuthor Commented:
Jackie man : I am a student of Computer Engineering at Del Institute of Technology. My campus located at rural area. I am diploma III student. Currently, i am in 3rd year, which is expected as my last year. this week, we are instructed to submit 3 different proposals about final year project topic. My final year project expected to be finished in 13 weeks, with available time to work 2 hours a day, except on day off.  

Shaun Vermaak : It sounds great sir. But if possible, i don't wanna take topic in cloud computing or IoT, i have some trouble with lecture that handle that topic . If you have any another ideas, please share with me.
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Computer Engineering official website:


To prepare prospective educated engineers responsible for designing, developing, applying and operating process in telecommunication, control system, digital signal process and computer system.

So, what is you are doing the best in your diploma?
Lambok SinagaAuthor Commented:
computer engineering official website
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Encryption overview

- Symmetric & Asymmetric encryption
- Public Key encryption
- Key Exchange
- Hashing      Write a hash generating/craching tool (rainbow table on-th-fly)
- Message Authentication codes
- Digital Signature & Certificate      
- Random Number Generator
- Multi factor authentication      Register a SMS service an create your own
- Key Management

Software or Hardware Crypto and key Management

- Pro & cons
- Centralized Crypto and Key Management
- Risk & cost

- Network Security

1) IPSec
2) SSL / TLS      Create automated certificate solution using "Let's Encrypt"

4) Link Encryption

- Application Security

1) Access Management
2) Transaction security
3) Data Security
4) Database Security      Create a demo app utilising new database security such as Always Encrypted

Next Generation Threats & why crypto is essential

- End Point
- Data Centers
- Storage / archival
- Communications
- Cloud Computing      Previous suggestions

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Lambok SinagaAuthor Commented:
Thank you sir for help me
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