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I have msdn license on dynamics crm 2016
and want to find out the cost of hosting in azure
Or hosting using local vendor.

Of course, azure will be the best but not sure how to install dynamics and most important is the cost.

If anyone has been facing this and tell me more. I will be very appreciate

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If you want to run Dynamics CRM 2016 in Azure you will need to setup:
Active Directory
SQL Server
Windows Server with IIS

You can do this in Azure but there are so many pricing options I can't give you a cost. You''ll probably need at least two virtual machines, a lower spec one for Active Directory and another one for SQL Server

You could install Dynamics CRM on the same VM as SQL Server if usage will be low or you could setup a third VM to install Dynamics CRM.

It isn't very different from installing Dynamics on your own servers. Microsoft has plenty of documentation on this.

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