What's the best task list app for me?

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I'm looking for a better task management solution. I could use some suggestions based on my requirements.

requirements in order of importance, top 6 are a must
  1. -has web/PC app and mobile (Android) app, data being synchronized
  2. -tasks can have due dates
  3. -can associate with "note to self" directive on Android, so I can say "OK Google, note to self, buy birthday cards" and it will make a new task for me hands-free
  4. -can search text contents on mobile and on PC
  5. -has some way of categorizing tasks (lists, categories, folders)
  6. -paste images from clipboard into a task
  7. -attach files to a task
  8. -keyboard shortcuts on PC to create and edit tasks
  9. -can create sub-tasks or related (e.g. "is-blocked-by") tasks
  10. -tasks have priorities (normal,high,etc.)
  11. -tasks can have reminders/alerts at least in the Android app
  12. -can be target of share on Android, e.g. a text message, a URL, or an image can feed into the app and becomes a task
  13. -can easily transfer my existing tasks from Google Tasks
  14. -can share one of the task lists/categories with another person

current situation
I'm currently using GTasks on Android and a Chrome extension (Better Google Tasks), which essentially repackages mail.google.com. This solution has much of the above, but the web interface is clunky and I'm really missing the ability to paste images.

which one?
I've read these are popular and good, but that's a lot to test every one of them. Any suggestions?
  • any.do
  • evernote
  • google keep
  • remember the milk
  • TickTick
  • todoist
  • trello
  • wunderlist
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Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010

requirements in order of importance, top 6 are a must

If it is the case, there will be no app which suits your needs as the requirements factors 4, 5 and 6 are not common in any task list apps.

Besides, there is no best app as there is only app which can fullfil your needs and budget.

You need to pay a mobile app developer to design your app. One of our members is listed below for your reference.

Hamidreza Vakilian

If you want us to do a review of one or two apps, it is ok but you should not solely rely on the words of others as your first hand impression is the most important factor among all factors.
Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer
There are other programs which can do most of this stuff but aren't typically thought of as a task-list apps.

The first thing which comes to my mind is OneNote. It is free, cross-platform, desktop and mobile, and seems to satisfy many of your requirements (though I haven't tried to do all of those things myself). It does meet your first six requirements as far as I can tell.

Some of the items on your list though are quite specific and I haven't seen them in an app before.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010
If you ask for personal opinion, I will recommend you to go with Google Keep.


The main reason is it supports voice, photos and handwritten notes.
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Thank you. I appreciate all the suggestions, as they give me a place to start and some food for thought. Testing all 8 solutions would have been very time consuming.

Brandon: I tried OneNote. It's definitely not a fit, unless I'm completely in the dark about its features. I could not find anywhere to list all my tasks (notes), let alone sort or filter them by due date. They just show as tabs. I couldn't find any place to add a due date to a note or to add any date or any meta-data to a note. I can certainly type a date in the content of a note, but that does not provide any task list functionality, such as sorting by date or quickly finding what's due today or past due. Am I missing the big picture here? Either way, I appreciate the suggestion and the thinking outside the box.

Jackie: I also tried Google Keep. It's nifty, but just as OneNote, it's missing the basic task list functionality. There is no place to put a due date. There is a way to add a Google reminder, but I still can't filter or sort by that. Bummer. Thank you for the suggestion. Also, thank you for offering development services, but I'm certainly not looking to go in that direction. I don't mind paying for an app or a service subscription, but past $100 or $10/month I lose interest.

If anyone has any more suggestions, I'd love to see them. Otherwise, I will try to post back here once I find the best match.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010


I have just tried any.do. It is most interesting task app I have used.
I actually spent a few hours over the weekend testing one additional app (aside from OneNote and Google Keep). I chose TickTick by Appest Inc. to test next, because I was already using GTasks from that same developer and I was quite happy. It turns out TickTick met all 14 of my requirements and went above and beyond. It's $2.99 per month for the full version, but I think it will be worth it.

Winner: TickTick


I found the correct answer.

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