VEEAM and tape library

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Hi Expert

we have around 20 of ESXI servers with around 400 VMs

we need to buy VEEAM

my question

we are going to backup to disk let us say to NFS or CIFS and we need also to backup to tapes

but what type of tape library we have to buy if we don't want to use fiber

can we backup from our ESXI server using  VEEAM to tape without any other server to work as storage node or something like this

can we avoid using fiber interface and fiber switches

kindly advice
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yes you can use your VEEAM server, assuming that it will be a physical HW and not a virtual machine.

Then you have 2 choices for the tape library: either Fiber (you must buy a HBA for your backup server, non need to buy a Fiber switch) or SAS (you need to buy a SAS HBA for your backup server).



Hi max

What if I want to have my backup server as VM

And buy physical server with fiber HBAs to work only as proxy and I will connect this server with tape library

Do you think this make sense

Or best practice to have Veeam backup server as physical server

Note : we are using VSAN and all our ESXI servers has two 10 GB interface

What do you think

Another point

Do you think replace backup to tape with backup to cloud as offline copy for our data outside our data center a good idea

VM are better restored from disk, so i assume you want to have tapes only for disaster recovery purpose.
You can have a different server with tape library connected, i guess it is a kind of architecture that Veeam allows.
Cloud is definitely easier but you will need to compare costs.



Thank you for the answer

Yes sure we are going to backup to a NAS ( backup to disk )

We will use tape only as offline backup for disaster case for this I am asking if backup to cloud regardless to the cost can be good and easy offline backup for disaster case?

So in case we decided to add tape library to our backup solution you think it is a good idea to keep our backup sever as VM and buy physical server to use as Veeam proxy connected to the tape library with SAS or fiber HBAs ?

Or you think it is better to have this physical server as Veeam backup server plus connected to the tape library

I prefer the backup server as VM in order to have flexibility to add more hardware anytime we need and keep the physical one only as proxy to send and receive data from tape library

What do you think ?
System Engineer

tape is not supported by VMware nor Veeam to be presented in passthrough configuration to Veeam VM server.
It could work, but not supported.
If you plan to have a physical windows Veeam proxy then using it too as a tape server would be fine.
Mr TorturSystem Engineer

If you don't want to use FC with your tape you can use SAS direct connection to your windows tape server.
i believe i gave a more accurate solution before ...
never mind


You  are right but I thought if I accept this also will be ok

Can answer my question about using cloud as alternative of tape also
so i deserved zero points  ..
i can't see your point of view


No you miss understand me

All your answers was very good so for me if I accepted any of the this will be ok

I just want you to tell me your technical opinion about using backup to cloud as alternative solution regardless of price issue

Thank you for your kind answers

And I think you are a good technical guy with good experience
yet you closed the question and already assigned all the points to another expert  ...
did you realize?


Oh sorry

Please request change and i will change the acceptance
Because you answered me first
Mr TorturSystem Engineer

from my perspective my answer is fine and more accurate too.
@max the king : You said never mind but it seems you really mind! Now go for your points if desired, I think I deserve at least a part of it, but also I really don't care about one question among another.
The "point" in EE is not about arguing about points with the question author..


it was my mistake because i used Mobil app i don't notice that two different experts answered me  

so i think it is better to divide the points 50 % 50 %

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