Reset RAID1 Mirror for a NX3100 after swapping out a previously used drive for a failed 146GB drive

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I found some other posts for other PE's but not one for a PERC700. We cleared the Foreign Config and now the replaced drive is in a ready state. This is for the small 2 drive bay for the OS.

If I select to make it a Global Hot Spare if gives me a Big warning message that the drive is not sized to be a Spare for all configs, to RAID 5 Config which has much larger drives. If a pull the trigger for the Hot spare, will it see that it can join the RAID1 and start the copy process? or not?  

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The drives are not hot swap.
Yes once you add it as a hot spare it should complete by replacing the failed and removed device.

Raid controllers used in dells follow the same... Replaced drive in a hot swap us cleared and joined into the raid group replacing the previously failed drive, initiating the rebuild.

In your case it sounds as the drive was replaced while the system was powered off, resulting in the new drive being rejected, presumably you went through the H700's bios, clear config, add the new drive to the raid1 volume replacing the failed member.
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Yes. Global Hot Spare will protect ANY compatible arrays. So, if you have 500GB SATA or 1TB SATA in RAID 1 and 1TB SATA in RAID 5, and your GHS is 1TB, it will rebuild into any drive that fails in either VD. However, if you have 146GB SAS in RAID 1 and 1TB SATA in RAID 5, and you have a 1TB SATA GHS, it can only protect the RAID 5. Likewise, even if they were all SAS, a GHS won't rebuild into the RAID 5, because it isn't big enough. You can't mix SAS/SATA, and a smaller drive can't replace a larger drive if its entire capacity is dedicated to the array.

There also exists a DEDICATED hot-spare, which you can assign to protect a specific VD. This is done in the Virtual Disks screen in OMSA (instead of the Physical Disks screen).
Russ WrightsonIT Admin


Experts - The Assign as Global Hot spare did not take from the drive Tasks Menu. It's still in a "ready" state.

There is an option for the " Virtual Disks on Controller PERC H700 Integrated" for Virtual disk 0

Available tasks   -   Assign/Unassign Dedicated Hot Spare......

Is this the one that will force the Hot spare Activation?

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The new drive, did you add it as a hot spare? What happened to the position where the failed drive was?.

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