pc does not recognize hard drive taken from server 2003 raid 5

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I have 4 drives from our server that was configured in a raid 5.   i want to format this drive on my pc but it is not recognized.  I already went into admin tools and looked for the drive and still does not show up.  they were active in the server.

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Do you still have access to the old server with the original RAID card installed?

Easiest way is to access RAID config using existing hardware, break the RAID, format disks, plug in to new PC.

von AxlSystem Engineer
Do you see it at bios boot?

If yes, do you see it in Disk manager? >initialize...
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I would check first if you did connect the drive properly (like all cables are tight) and then check in BIOS.
If the drive is detected in BIOS then in Windows right click on My Computer - Manage -Disk Management. See if you have there unformatted drive.
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"admin tools and looked for the drive and still does not show up"
Are you looking for the physical drive or a formatted volume (i.e. drive letter)?

von Axl and noxcho are on the right track.  Check BIOS first to confirm that the system sees it at all, then in Disk Management to confirm that Windows sees it.
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or from a command prompt

list disk
select disk X   <<replace X with the disk # from list disk >>

now diskmgmt.msc should see the drive and want to initialise it
von AxlSystem Engineer

Solution provided, no feedback.
It is tough to know what is the proper answer as the OP didn't give any feedback.  Nevertheless, there were good suggestions given in addition to the one awarded the points.

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