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When making a mainstream smart phone application today, that is NOT a Mobile App (responsive website), what platforms are there besides iPhone and Android?

I guess I mean "relevant platforms."

Is Blackberry still used by lots of users? And what other ones should I consider?

What development tools exist for these smaller platforms. But I can not use a Javascript framework, since this can not be responsive.
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Relevant? I think that Windows Mobile is relevant. But wait 5 wks and others might think it's relevant too.

Rumor has it that Microsoft's fall event may include the UWP on steroids, possibly a Surface + LTE in a phone-sized device. Microsoft has been working this year on ARM64 w/x86 emulation.

Depending on the app you're building, if it's relevant for desktop use, you might want to look at building for UWP.

BTW, you can snag Visual Studio Community w/Xamarin for free...
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I do not think my financial app is conducive to being a Mobile app. I think Windows would require me to write a third app from the ground up:


I have not been told (here on EE) 100% that a Xamarin app is less secure than Native, but it does feel far less secure to me.

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what platforms are there besides iPhone and Android?
IMO - none that you need worry about ;)
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