Cisco 1811 - Config on Compatctflash?

I have a Cisco 1811 that won't boot due to a memory issue.  It has a 64MB compactflash card in it.  Does that card have the running config?  I don't believe I have a backup of the config anywhere.
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Depends on whether you have saved your router's config into the CF. Can you console in to the router and read the content of the CF?
DTUserAuthor Commented:
No, it won't boot due to a DDR error.    if I take this card and plug into a card reader on a windows PC, is there a way to see that way?
Running config is  placed in RAM, so if you have damaged RAM - it will need to be replaced, otherwise device most likely will not boot properly.
Startup configuration is stored in NVRAM.
IOS is located on CompactFlash.

Only if you created backup of your configuration on CompactFlash in that case you will have startup configuration on CompactFlash.

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Jane UpdegraffSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Agree with predrag. Run config is stored in RAM, startup config in nvram. On some older 2811s i remember that the internal nvram was sometimes on a removable flash volume inside the chassis which a Cisco technician may be able to retrieve for you - but don't do it yourself or you void the warranty - if you don't care about the warranty you can open the case and you may find it, although you may not be able to read it without a similar device to mount it in. The external compact flash card holds the ios image but you also could have manually put a copy of your startup config on it ... although i don't know why you would do that except maybe for backup purposes, for instance if you don't have a tftp server. Which brings up the question ... did you look to see if there is a copy of the config on a tftp server on your network? You can set them up to automatically backup to a tftp server without any interaction. Maybe someone did that in the past?
DTUserAuthor Commented:
I ended up building a new device from scratch, but the comments here are helpful for the future.  Thanks.
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