DNS server can't resolve it self

Alaaddin Alaa
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yesterday I notice an issue on my primary DNS server as follows:

I went to the dns server under the forward lookup zones on _msdcs.mydomain.local properties ---> name servers -----> edit on my primary dns server ------> trying to resolve its name but it shows this message .... "a timeout occurred during validation"

tried to do the same steps on my additional DC on its DNS server everything works fine.... and I don't have any problem resolving the workstations on my network

but when I do nslookup on the primary DC it shows this message if the primary DNS server set to it self

DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
Default Server:  UnKnown

note : the IPv6 is disabled
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On the problematic DC, go to the properties for the DNS server, and create a PTR record for that server in the reverse lookup zone. Once you do that, restart the DNS service. Let me know if you're still having issues.


it didn't help
Distinguished Expert 2018

the nslookup output showing that PTR record for DC is missing
if you don't create that, it will not create any name resolution issues but nslookup output will not correct then
Distinguished Expert 2018

Check for PTR records pointing to the problematic DC on BOTH DCs then. Make sure that record exists in the reserve lookup zone.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

If I understand you're asking to have both these resolutions work...

foo.com -> -> foo.com

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To have the second (reverse lookup work), only the person in control of the physical IP can set this record.

If you're using a full featured Provisioning company, like OVH, you can just login to your customer dashboard + set this yourself.

Usually you'll have to open a ticket with your Hosting company to do this.

If you do this in your own Zone File, your record will be quietly ignored, because the syntax is correct... it's just the record will never be looked up, because this type of record is looked up based on your upstream provider.

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