Adobe PDF: Animating a GIF

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I have a pretty GIF file I placed into my PDF. Is there any way that GIF can be animated in the PDF?

I have the GIF hosted on my site, if that helps at all.

Worst case, I can have them click the image, which will open a browser to the animated version...

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As I recall, there's no direct way to do this.

The indirect way is to convert your .gif file into a .mp4 file + set the .mp4 container to auto loop.

Then embed the video file.

When you do this, be sure to set the bitrate cap to max, to get highest quality... as the resulting file should still be small, even at a high bitrate.
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Thanks. I will consider that. For now, it's clickable with a browser that auto-opens to that same hosted Gif, is a pretty good second best.

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