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Illustrator logo has extra empty space around it. How can I remove?

greddin asked
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Last Modified: 2017-09-29
I was given a logo in the form of an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file.  I have Illustrator CS5 and I can open the file but the logo itself is centered and has a bunch of empty space around all sides.  When I save for web as jpeg or png the space is preserved there as well.  I don't know Illustrator very well but I would like to know how to remove the extra spacing.  I hope this makes sense to an Illustrator guru.

Thank you!
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4D Assets
It sounds like the space is the artboard and you're saving the entire artboard. Select the elements themselves (marquee should work), then right click and export selection... save as PNG (lossless with transparent background is much better for logos than JPGs). I confess, I'm working with AI CC and don't remember if that option was available in CS5.

So door #2: Go to Object > Artboards > Fit to artwork to shrink the white space. Save as PNG, do not check artboards option.


Thank you for the help Colleen.  When I use the selection tool and drag a marquee around my logo it puts the thin blue border around the entire edges of the artboard.  Option 2 doesn't shrink it down either.  I'm not sure how the created my logo, but it's like a written signature of my name.  Thanks again.


I don't know if this has anything to do with my issue but when I open the Illustrator file given to me, I always get a warning saying the file was generated by a newer version of Illustrator and that some data loss may occur.   It opens the file and I can do stuff with it but just wanted to mention it.

Colleen Kayter4D Assets

You say this is a signature? Is it a scanned jpg of your signature, embedded in illustrator? If so, you might select and export it as a jpg, then crop it using Paint or a photo editor. I know older versions of AI didn't have a raster image cropping tool.