Raspberry Pi 3 - Where is OS located?

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I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B that a supplier gave me for a demo unit. It runs their OS for their demo software.

I want to try another application today using the Raspian OS. I have a 2nd new formatted SD Card.

Can I just swap the SD Cards in the Pi and install Raspian on the new card or could there be some files/configs from the original OS&app that are stored on some local storage (ie not purely on the SD Card)?

In other words, by swapping the new SD Card into the Pi and installing Raspbian on it, could I damage the original OS or is it 100% contained on the original SD Card? After this new test, I need to go back to the original OS (by inserting the original SD Card).

And yes, I know that Rapsberry Pi's are really cheap, but I can't get one until tomorrow and need to test something today.

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On a Pi, linux is contained entirely on the SD card.  Unless there is another storage device in the system such as another SD card, a CF card or an extremely large flash memory -- then you can certainly swap a different card in and try to boot it.

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