How do I use my Sony Handycam camcorder to stream video on Facebook Live?

I have a Sony Handycam HDR CX240 camcorder.

This camera will be used to record video outside for a few hours.

A good few people would like to watch this video footage live while it is being recorded.

Facebook Live seems to be a good streaming service for this task.

How would I stream this video footage through Facebook Live through use of my Sony Handycam HDR CX240 camcorder?

IP4IT StaffAsked:
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Iamthecreator OMIT Manager/EE Solution GuideCommented:
I think it is not possible to stream video or use your cam as a Webcam on a PC for your model.
Some Sony handycams come with a USB streaming feature where you can stream videos live directly on your PC by using a USB cable.
Check Sony's website for more information.
Allie WattsDemand Generation & Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
Hey Robbie

As mentioned above it looks like your model does not have the USB streaming feature similar to other Sony cameras. However if your computer has Composite Audio/Video or HDMI inputs you still may be able to do FB live from your camera if it is all connected.

Here is a great resource on how to film on FB Live using external camera and computer (Mac or PC) Hope this helps!
fred hakimRetired ITCommented:
Actually there is no reason you can't connect your camera to a PC or tablet as a "video in" device, just use the composite video out (red,, white, yellow RCA jacks).  You just need the appropriate adapters.  Most webcams and tablets support USB and you can get a composite video dongle to make the connection.    HDMI is not likely to work, since the HDMI connections on PCs and tablets are normally used for output to a monitor or TV -- few if any would support input signals.

When I checked, your model it seems has USB capability,  See:

Sony has drivers for various versions of Windows and MAC.  I also notice a reference to MHL and NFC both or which provide connectivity to devices. MHL requires a special cable and NFC is wireless (near field connection).  It looks like it has some significant capabilities

This help guide covers a lot of what this puppy is capable of...

Supplied Software
PC: PlayMemories Home and Music Transfer (via download); MAC: Music Transfer,
PlayMemories Online Uploader, Wireless Auto Import (by download)

Operating System Compatibility
Windows XP SP3 /Windows Vista SP2 /Windows7  64-bit editions and Starter (Edition)
are not supported. The Windows Image Mastering API (IMAPI) Ver. 2.0 or later is
required to use the function for creating discs. Starter (Edition) are not supported.
Standard installation is required.  Operation is not assured if the above OS has
been upgraded or in a multi-boot environment.

USB Port(s)             TypeA (built-in) / USB2.0 Hi-speed (mass-storage/MTP)
BRAVIA® Sync™   Ye s
PhotoTV HD           Ye s
Direct Copy           Ye s
HDMI Terminal     Yes (HDMI micro)

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IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your informative replies.

I have done more research with help from your recommendations.

Here is my plan:

1. Connect Sony HDR-CX240 to computer assuming the computer has Composite Audio/Video or HDMI inputs
2. Use PlayMemories Home software to stream video from this camera
3. Make a Ustream account and connect it via the Sony Play Memories Home app
4. UStream software can then be used to stream this video to social sites mainly Facebook Live

Would this result in the video that is recording on Sony HDR-CX240 to stream to Facebook Live?
Allie WattsDemand Generation & Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
This should work for Facebook Live. You will need to be logged onto your Facebook on your computer and start the live video from there when your camera is ready.

Your Facebook Live video can be a max of 4 hours long and after your recording is finished it will automatically post to your Facebook feed.
fred hakimRetired ITCommented:
Native HDMI ports on a PC/laptop/tablet are for output only, you will NOT be able to use them to input video from the camcorder.
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