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Let me first say this is high level and I may be missing certain information.

Working a back end system that will contain REST Services that will be used to create requests and retrieve list information. The data being passed back and forth will be JSON.

The web application I want to build should be a single page application. Some of the key features needed:
1. Single Page Application - Store user data (Preferences)
2. Single site should work with Browser and Mobile Devices (Mobile Web App)
3. Everything one click away (AS much as possible)
4. List Display (Datagrid)
5. Request forms via Modal Window

At a high level what language(s) would you use to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance.
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When I read JSON, REST and single-page app, the first language that came to mind was PHP.  Considering I primarily am in C# .NET these days the second part on Datagrid and Forms could be done nicely in .NET, especially with controls like DevExpress.  It is a paid product though and is not cheap but really cool.  Without it, we've created several internal apps using bootstrap and MVC to create single page app.

But anyway, think you can do this in PHP which will handle JSON well, has many well-known apps running on it as a one-page app using mod_rewrite, ... plus you can use bootstrap and other libraries that make mobile easy on most any language.  For the grid piece, you probably can find something like http://www.phpgrid.org/php-datagrid-for-bootstrap-4/.  Think with popularity of PHP and .NET (especially as Microsoft improves upon its promise for the CLR to run anywhere and them putting SQL Server on Linux), you cannot go wrong with either.  PHP might be your quicker startup, though.
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Depends on your Application.

LAMP + PHP is the old standard, which always works + you can also find lots of examples to clone as starting points.

You might also explore NodeJS or Go, which are much newer + tend to work especially well for high throughput, multi-threaded API type Apps.
I would say use the language you already know...

You can create a web application with responsive template,
a mobile application (native with SDK)
a mobile application (hybrid  with Angular, React, Vue.js ).
or a progressive web apps https://www.mobiloud.com/wordpress-mobile-app/
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Michael WilliamsApplication Developer


Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, I do not have any PHP Skill however I am typically able look at code and find out what it's doing. Did this with a Flash Web App at my old job.

I think I plan on going the Fiverr or Gig Route. This will allow me to work on other aspects of my application.
Another suggestion, as mobile dev can cost you a lot even for one single page (specially for Native version)
what  you can do is to buy a cheap Mobile code source that is close to what you need and then make it modified through a gig.

You can make a search from this list (most of them use REST already)

Good luck
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Thank you very much for the information. Going to go ahead and close the question.

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