Dharma (.Cezar) ransomware

Jose Bredariol
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My client was got by this ransomware. How can I decrypt the files ?
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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010
https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ has a good tool to use for identifying the ransomware variant and determining what is available to break the encryption. There may not be a way to decrypt the files without paying the ransom (Avoid paying at all risks...It encourages the spread of ransomware). If the client has a good backup, restore that.
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior
There is decryptol tool from Rakhni. More info:
Direct download link: http://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/VirusUtilities/EN/rakhnidecryptor.zip

You need to check if it works for you.
btanExec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2018
Can try to use idransomware to confirm the type and see if there are tools available.
Upload a ransom note and/or sample encrypted file to identify the ransomware that has encrypted your data.

In the past it is named Crysis ransomware which has a decryptor
but it is likely not going to work for this variant. A full list of decryptor.

Backup data to be recovered is your last resort and likely approach. I strongly discourage paying the ransomware.
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I´ve tried with rakhni, but no result. The ransom is Dharma (.Cezar).
Any other tool ?
Exec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2018
Afraid not. Backup those encrypted files on view someone releases any tool in future. Rebuild system, recover from backup data and move on..

There are variants that has extension supposedly is .Cesar instead.


Thanks all.

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