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Our Development team is having an issue with an update of an application that they are attempting to submit to the Microsoft Store.  They have successfully submitted apps to the Apple AppStore as well as the Google Play Store.  But they Microsoft Store, is requiring a security certificate, PFX file with the submission.  My main question is how do we go about doing this, and what should the common name be for this certificate.  Should this be the common name for the actual SSL communication for the application itself for the end users?  Any help would be much appreciated.  

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This isn't an SSL communications certificate. To out an app in the store, you need a public trusted code signing certificate and you need to sign the code using that certificate.  This allows the store and any client downloading the app to verify that the app wasn't tampered with or had code injected in transit.

It is a more reliable form of the MD5 hashes you often see listed with internet downloads.

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