Best software to recover data from hard disk bad sectors

Heard hdd regenerator is good, trying to look for more alternatives
Candy LisAsked:
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noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
HDD regenerator is not good. It can make things worse. Because all it does it repeating up to 20 times attempts to read from the same sector which is marked as bad. I would never trust my data to such drives which HDD Regenerator marked as healed.
Amr AlyCommented:
this one is more efficient
Robert OrnelasVP Operations at Cook's ComputerCommented:
I always have good results by booting to a linux live cd like puppy or ubuntu and copying out the data. before booting up put the HDD in the freezer for an hour, don't know why but it helps. I say this from experience that this does work and is usually a last resort attempt when all else fails.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
To my personal experience HDDRegenerator does wonders....all the other software just can't handle bad sectors...they either skip or crash....for me i had witnessed many cases where HDDRegenerator  "returned" data from "Void".....with especially one case of a huge .pst (several GB) that HDD corrupted on a single sector where the .pst resided and thus got useless...HDDRegenerator  repaired the sector and we got the .pst just unless you are prepared to go to a specialized data recovery facility ...HDDRegenerator  is simply the last resort....

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well - first off - HDDRegenerator is not a recovery software; if you need a good one, i suggest GetDataBack - not free :
usually, i run the manufacturer's short test to be sure that the drive operates ok - then i do a recovery with GDB
if that fails, i try to get the disk data "fixed" with HDDregenerator
they may say it's not good - but it has recovered many drives for me, and up to now -  i never lost any data

to be complete, here's how i handle disk problems
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