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I have read on the website that "Between all three bureaus, there are 19 FICO® Scores that are most commonly used by lenders. The score version that matters most to you depends on the type of loan you’re interested in and where your lender pulls your scores. You can use the chart below as a guideline."

Are there any websites I can visit that will provide me with all of my current 19 FICO® Scores?

The websites I currently visit like,, and the credit bureau websites provide only one version of the Fico credit scores and I'm interested in seeing what my current 19 FICO® credit scores are.

What websites or services will allow me to do this?

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Not sure about seeing them all in one place, but the recent Equifax fiasco has resulted with them providing free access on their site for everyone and you can sign up for complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring.   Might be handy to take a look, certainly can't beat the price.

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If anyone finds a website that will allow me to view all (or most of these scores) please post the solution here.

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