How to use webhook

I need to use webhook to get the tranaction id. i looked at the docunation but can not make sence out of it.

does anyone have sample code on how to use webhooks.

The website being used is with c#.

I am lost but need to get this done.
Ron RenningerAsked:
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Jayadev NairApplication DeveloperCommented:
The developer documentation of Authorize.NET didn't help?

If you have never worked with web hooks, understand that hooks are registered on to authorize.NET portal on your account. You should expose REST endpoints at your side and register that endpoint into the authorize.NET portal for events. So when those events occur, they will send request to your endpoint and thus you know the event had happened. The above document explains how you can register for events. Start exposing an endpoint and then follow the documentation to see how you can register, list them and test them on their test portal.

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