Create a customized list of tracks for navigating the contents of a CD

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What is the best/simplest way to create a customized tracklist to display when playing a CD?

My mother is a (young) 83 year-old who spends quite a bit of time driving in her car each week. She really enjoys listening to recorded talks but has exhausted her supply and is tech-UN-savvy. She's quite comfortable using the CD player in her car however, so I told her I would be happy to create some CDs containing talks from the public domain.

The talks download as MP3 files and we agreed that the simplest navigation scheme for her would be to have the tracklist display as follows:

    |    Track #    |    Speaker Name    |    Date    |    Venue    |    Title    |

I haven't created many CDs in that manner but it seems like downloaded files (or maybe all MP3 files) usually contain data which appears by default in the tracklist. If that is correct, and:

if I've got the data I want to use in five corresponding columns in an Excel spreadsheet, what is the best method or software for:
    1) overwriting the default data and
    2) creating a tracklist from my spreadsheet?

By the way, I've got VLC Media Player installed. Is that a good option?

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use something like mp3tag to edit the tag's .  
Q: does her cd player support mp3's? Otherwise Audio CD's doesn't support playlists and the playing time is limited to 80 minutes per disk
Perhaps she would be interested in audiobooks either from or the local library
For this kind of information to read out on her CD player display window in the car is in the meta data
I can recommend Audacity for this.
It's really quite simple drop the mp3 onto Audacity then go to export file and fill in the meta data
Like this
A lot of current mp3 players these days for cars can connect to the phone. Mine even has a remote control.
Good on your mum still driving wonderful.
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I have used various MP3 "tagging" programs in the past to add, remove, or modify MP3 tags.  Some of these programs allow you to do bulk tagging in batch mode if you have a lot of files to work with.  As Merete has pointed out, Audacity is able to do this when you load and then resave (export) an MP3.  I have used this method also, and do so every time I work with audio data and export to MP3.

You may also find that if you have any 3rd-party CD Burning software installed on your computer, it probably has the means to load MP3 files and modify the tags before burning the CD, or it may even allow you to modify the tags and save the modifications in the source MP3 files without committing to burning a CD at that time.

I don't do a lot of Mp3 tagging, so I don't need to use anything with a batch process.  When I do need to add or modify MP3 tags I use a "shell" program that adds new tabs to the Right-Click > Properties dialog for multimedia files.  I had a shell extension named "AudioShell" installed on all my Windows XP computers, but never installed it on Windows 7 because the program had not been updated to work in anything above Windows 7 at the time.  I see that there now is a version that works in Windows Vista/7/8/10 with 32 and 64 bit support.  From reading your previous questions you now have Windows 10.

AudioShell 2.3.6
Direct Download for Installer:

This might work for you if you only have a handful or two of MP3s to tag.


Great help. Many thanks!
Thank you, WeThotUWasAToad

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