Raspberry Pi: Internet and GUI interface

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Hello All

I am saying sorry in advance because I know less than zero about the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, so if my question sounds stupid, take it from where it is coming from :D

Can a Pi run a pre-made GUI interface like windows or do I have to program my own?  If it can run a windows-looking OS can it connect to the internet? If the Pi loses power, when power returns can it be setup (like in windows there is an area for programs to begin at startup) so that the GUI comes back up and the internet automatically reconnects to a site?

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The Pi does not have the horsepower, storage or memory to run anything other than its stripped version of linux.

At least not at any speed most people would consider acceptable for response time.

For applications requiring a GUI, Windows CE, XP Embedded or W7 Embedded would be the smallest choices on the Windows side.  Even those still require considerably more horsepower than a Pi, and they need to run on an x86 compatible board.


Excellent response.

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