Input language on servers keeps changing when connected via RDS/RDweb.

Barry Beaver
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Hi Experts,

I have a strange problem with a new RDS solution and I'm struggling to understand why it's happening.  

When users connect to our servers via an RDP link on the RDweb page, their language is switched to Dutch/Belgian from ENG UK.   If we change it to ENG UK, it switches right back to NDL right in front of our eyes!

It doesn't seem to be happening to everyone, but at first it was just one user and now it's a few of us.  I need to get my head around it fast before it gets out of hand.

We have 2 x RDS gateways, 2 x brokers, 2 x app servers.    These provide RDP links to servers in various other domains.  The weird part is, we've never installed NDL onto any of these servers...  they were always UK and US keyboards until we put RDS in.

We do have users in Belgium who need the correct keyboard when they connect to the 10 servers they need, so having NDL for them isn't a problem.   But now RDS seems to have put it onto all 500 of our servers, as the default language and keeps changing it back from UK to NDL, within a few sections of manually changing it!  

This is causing staff to lock out their passwords, which is a nightmare for us, them and the security team!

The RDS servers are all 2012, The servers we RDP to are mostly 2012 and 2008R2, it's changing the keyboard settings on these and whilst users are on the RDweb page.  

Bizarrely  a reboot of the client seems to temporarily resolve it.. I even tried to force the language settings from the local regedit and i watched it blink between NDL and UK 10,000 times on the 2008R2 servers, but the NDL remained on the 2012.

FYI we also have a citrix solution that we're replacing.  When we connect via that, we don't have any problems, even if we're in the middle of the same problem connected via RDS.   I've checked the local language settings and everyone is on UK ENG, no other languages installed.  I've checked IE languages too, same thing.  

I've managed a work around by changing the default to be UK on the RDS servers listed above, but i'm not sure if this has just fixed it for me at this stage, or if I've changed the problem so that eveyone in Belgium and the US is now being forced to use UK settings.

WTH is going on here... any advice welcome :)
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Jackie Man IT Manager
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Who deploy the new RDS solution for you?

Are you using a localised version of the Installer to do the deployment?
We deployed it ourselves.  The languages weren't added by us, we assume RDweb auto-detects and adds the languages when users with NLD languages connect, or the users have added them manually.  

It seems we can get around the issue by killing an affected user's sessions from the broker, logging them onto a session host, removing the language from their profile and then logging in again.  I've aslo had to disable all the new local & RD web language shortcuts MS have added to.

This seems to fix it, but if this is going to happen to another 100 users, I'm going to have a nightmare with it as most don't have the rights to log directly onto a session host.
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