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eclipse call hierarchy


If i do Control+Alt+H on eclipse java class method say methodA() it does show call hierarchy  of who is(lets say methodB()) calling that method (methodA())

If i do control Alt H on methodB() it shows methodC() which is calling methodC()

my question is how to find by selecting methodC() that methodB() is its parent method and methodA() its grand parent method.

i mean to debug upward as well not just downward using call hierarchy.
is there is a way i can do both ways?

please advise
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There is no such thing, because you don't need it. Think about it logically, in your example, if you do Call Heirarchy on method A and it shows that method B is calling it, and now you are saying you also want to go in the reverse direction. Well, if you are already looking at mehotd B, you can just read the source code and see that it is calling method A.

The other problem is that if you are in method B, there might be 100 different method calls along with the call to method A. Why should Eclipse only show you method A and not all the other methods that are being called?