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Component in Delphi or DLL Required to Convert *.DOC *.DOCX *.PDF to *.TXT or *.RTF

I am programming in Delphi XE8 and have been looking for some time for software that I can call from my program that can convert from as many formats as possible to text or RTF.

Any suggestions?
A Nielsen
A Nielsen
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Geert GruwezOracle dbaCommented:
Not sure if you'll find an all in one tool ...

This is just one.
google has a ton of these links

all depends what need exactly

i'd provide an interface in your app, which works per extension
doc: if word is installed, use automation: open doc, save as .rtf
or use shellexecute to call an exe with parameters

if you make it configurable, you can go a very long way.
A NielsenAuthor Commented:
Thank you Geert for your suggestion - which is new to me. However, I am looking for something that I can put in my program so that I don't need to pay for a new license for each user. I am writing a stand-alone tool for my users.

I searched extensively in Google, but today's Google cannot compare to the Google of 10 years ago. It has become a seriously flawed search engine IMHO.

Also, I don't want to use COM as the users may not have MS Office installed - and it is very slow.
Geert GruwezOracle dbaCommented:
either google is seriously flawed or there is just too much choice
experiments have learned that when someone is given more than 25 items to choose from, making a choice takes longer with an exponentiel factor
only select the first 10 from google ?

it is very slow ... well you didn't really state "FAST" in your initial question, or did i miss that ?

what about the online solution ?
or a panel in your app with this text:
"Hey, look, i could do everything for you, but you didn't really pay that much, did you ?"
"So please, drop your document on this site: 'http://convert_from_whatever_to_whatever' and then drag the .rtf file on this panel"
"That way we did half off the work each ... satisfied ? Yes, good !"

I learned not to give a user a Rolls Royce when satisfied with a Trabant

if you're app expects .rtf or can only process .rtf's, then indicate that to your user
providing a simple help explanation on how to do that via certain online site is way easier for you

why invent the wheel, if someone else already did that ?
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A NielsenAuthor Commented:
"why invent the wheel, if someone else already did that ?"


I fully agree with that sentiment. That is why I am looking for a component or DLL.

As for the Trabant, I have never been in one. I was in Munich when "die Mauer" came down and do remember the TV (no internet then) showing a large number of little cars driving West. I was driving a Porsche 944 at that time. Now, just a VW Polo :)
Sinisa VukCommented:
With not so much money you can try Scalabium TMSWordDocument and TSMPDFReader components. These will export all texts...even from other formats.
A NielsenAuthor Commented:
Hi Sinisa,

Thanks for that suggestion.

I bought TMSWordDocument a few months ago. Sadly, it cannot produce text from a document which contains English and Russian. It produces some pseudo-Chinese characters. I was a bit surprised as Cyrilic is native to Ukrainians and this developer is based there. I asked him about it 3 days ago and send him the document. I have received no reply. I will write again in a few days - just in case.

However, if he comes up with an explanation, I will post it here. It works fine for English language attachments. I have not checked it for French etc. - let alone Eastern languages.

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