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Ron Shorts
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I currently have a hybrid exchange environment, office 365 tenant using ADConnect to sync all identities.  

I need to change the mailbox provisioning process (previously was creating an on prem mailbox, setting the primary SIP/UPN/Proxyaddresses) then giving a License and migrating the mailboxes.

Is this as simple as creating an account, and assigning a license?  Which will then in turn create the mailbox?  Or do attributes have to be accounted for and is there a better process for this?

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Depends on what your goal/expectations are. If you want to continue to manage objects/attributes centrally, you can either migrate the mailbox (like you do now) or provision it directly in the cloud via New/Enable-RemoteMailbox. Or, you can create it directly in the cloud by syncing the user and licensing him, however such users will have to be managed using the O365 tools.

There are many articles/videos out there discussing this in detail, I can recommend a recent session from Ignite to watch:
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My suggestion is to completely move over to Office 365 and use ADFS for SSO. Hybrids are not easy to maintain and much more expensive. As  you are paying both On-prem and cloud license fee.

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