Using SAS/ACCESS to Teradata to create multiple derived tables

I need to create a matrix type calendar query that will replace rows that have zero value with 2 as the value in the summary column. This query is based on a file that runs monthly and daily. The file doesn't run on weekends or holidays.  In my query, The max_month column values are compared with the summary column values. If there are missing months in the summary column than the missing values are replaced with zeros. The last step is to output the data set to a text file.  My query isn't  outputting any results.
In the attachment, there is a text file name tran_sumary and an excel file name month.xls.  The tran_sumary file is a data file and month.xls is an example of what my query results need to print
create table xxx as 
select  * from connection to teradata

/* create derived table b  and select the columns– extracts K_KY dates in the format of example SEP and print the K_KY largest count - b(<column list>)*/

        cast(cast( b.K_KY as char(3)) as date format 'MMM')  AS MAX_MNTH,
        cast(cast(b.K_KY as char(8)) as date format 'yyyymmdd')  AS tran_dt
        from dy b
        Group BY 1,2
         Having Count(*) >1;)  AS b(LD_T,  MAX_MNTH, tran_dt)

/* create derived table c and select the columns – extracts sumary_end-dt dates in the format for example SEP and print the sumary_end-dt largest  count b(<column list>)*/ */

        ( SELECT
             cast(cast( a.sumary_end_dt as char(3)) as date format 'MMM')  AS 
             FROM x.sumy_dt c
             Group BY 1,2
             Having Count(*) >1;) AS c(summary, summary_dt)

/* LEFT JOIN tables b and c and replace null with zero in the summary column when 60 days (MDIFF) are missing; create derived table o and select the columns o<column list)*/


            ZEROIFNULL(MDIFF( c.summary, 60 , b.tran_dt)) AS diff1,
              (WHEN  diff1=0  then '2'  ELSE ' '
              END)  AS diff

              FROM  b
              GROUP BY 1,2,3,4,5
       ) AS  o ON  b.MAX_MNTH=c.summary (LD_T, MAX_MNTH,summary, 
                                                          tran_dt, summary, summary_dt )
         ORDER BY 2;
/*Output  data set toText File */
data _null_ ;          
    set ssd.diff ; 
    FILE  diff.txt' ;     
    PUT diff;

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