Advice on how to complete unit test coverage on this function

I'm learning how to unit test an Angular 2 application and I would appreciate some guidance here. In the function below, I have some code that connects to a SQLite database and runs a transaction. I am trying to understand how to unit test the parts in red (shown in screen shot). Can you please help me to understand how I would write tests that generate coverage?

I am using Jasmine 2.5.3, karma 1.5.0 and angular 4.1.3.

Thank you for advice and guidance.

runSqlTransaction(db: SQLiteObject) {
    this.db = db;
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { => {
        try {
          db.transaction(tx => {
            this.tx = tx;
            tx.executeSql(this.sqlQuery, this.params,
              (tx: any, res: any) => resolve({ tx: tx, res: res }),
              (tx: any, err: any) => reject({ tx: tx, err: err }));
        } catch(e) {

      }).catch(e => {
        console.log('Is the database open failed', e);

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