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need a script to press ok when this message appear on desktop

need a script to press ok or enter or any key when this message appear on desktop,is possible?
see capture.1 jpeg
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Maybe you can use this tool:
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maurice cristen


thank yuo but that tool is portable? becouse i can't install any setup i don't have administrator rights
No. It is not. This one seems to be portable and free:
Once you run it - you can find it in system tray. There you can change the settings language from German to English. For this find in tray the CliclOff tool - then right click on the tray - find EINSTELLUNGEN. There you can see German.lng in the list. Click on it and select Engilish.
Click ok.
Now wait till your error gets out with Ok button.
In the System Tray right cick on ClickOff and select Add Window. Select your error windows. So that you have it in the list.
Update: the clickoff works perfectly for me.
until now i tried 10 click portable application,mouseclick,mosuejiggler,autoclicker blah blah and not working ok i will try your app. and then the script i hope will work, thanks......i will anounce you
ClickOff works definitely. I've tested it on Win10 right now.
i can't change language from tray,its german language ok i will try again
i changed to english, what settings i need?when appear that message need to perss any key, u saw it right? or what settings to do
ok i erad it again i willfollow ur steps i really hope to work
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i must wait at least 20 min until that error appears,i will tell you the answer here,i use that tool inside rdp not in my pc....ok!
ok i did that 5 min ago lets wait another 15 min and lets see what hapening
ok works but now comes the other problem and i think is impossible to solve it becouse i don't have administartors rights,look capture2.jpeg
is there a tool to reconnect me back  :P
Yes, this is what the error was referring to in your original post.
Check where you can change the idle state time.
Look this article from Microsoft:
i don't have admin rights that's why i ask for that tools.i can't install iu can't change anything there
Then you have to ask your Administrator for settings changing. No tool will do for you what you need if you do not have passing rights.