Accessing Resources over a mobile L2TP VPN thourgh Watchguard Firewall

Steve Randazzo
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I was recently tasked with setting up a VPN for a client of ours for accessing files from home. We are able to successfully login however when we try to map drives or access resources we are unable to. Mapping drives errors as is we are not in that domain. Trying to access the drives through Explorer returns the same. Can anyone assist with this please?
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are you able to access with FQDN such as  \\server.domain.local\ShareName  and   domain\user   as the user name ?
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What is the IP address range at the client's home and what is the IP address range at the office location? If those are the same, that's going to be a problem, and one of the ranges will need to be changed (generally easier to do the home network).

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