Connect to internal CRM from external domain via ADFS

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Im trying to access CRM from our external domain via ADFS and am having some troubles.

we have an ADFS server in both internal and external domains, the CRM is hosted on the internal domain and is able to be accessed and authenticated over the internal ADFS using HTTPS://crm.internal.domain 

I have a relying party trust on the internal ADFS that works.

Both ADFS servers are federated and port 443 is open between them, im able to update the metadata from both sides.

On the external domain I have a host record for HTTPS://crm.external.domain which is a virtual IP for an F5 load balancer that points to the crm.internal IP address

Im not sure if having the F5 is causing the problem but we need to have the servers behind the vIP to hide their real ip.

Do i need another relying party trust on the external ADFS server for the internal CRM? should i be able to browse to the internal CRM metadata page from the external domain?

Thanks for any help :)
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