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Hello, I am looking for some type of software that would be able to help me sort video files I have saved on my computer. Most of the video files were ones that I saved from youtube or from my digital camera, but I have literally thousands of movie files that I have accumulated over the past few years. I want to delete probably 75% of the movie files, but I have to go through them one by one.

For example I have to double click a single video file, wait for VLC player to load, then after a few seconds the video plays. I use the mouse to quickly fast forward and scan through the video to determine if it is a keeper or not. If it’s a keeper I have to close out VLC player and drag and drop the file into a “videos to save” folder. If I determine I no longer need it I have to close out VLC player and send that media file to the recycle bin.

I have to do that task over and over for each video and I have about 7000 total files. Also VLC media player has to be closed out each time I  move or delete a video file, because if the file as active it will not let you change the destination of the file.  

It would go much faster if I could load the files into VLC play list, and after I scan through the video to determine if I want to save it or not, if a program let me give that video a rating such as  5 stars (meaning it’s a keep file) or rate it one star (meaning that one can be deleted). Then once I rate it I could just hit the “load next file” button for VLC player and I can do the same thing for all of the files. Then once all of the files are rated if I could delete the one star files and get a TON of hard drive space back.

Does anyone know of any such software that works similar to that?
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Possibly Irfanview

Get Irfanview and the plugins (two separate files, get the 32 bit version of Irfanview) and install.

Open Irfanview and point it to the folder concerned.  Do File --> Open (now look at the graphic below).

Change Files of type to All supported video files (as shown in the graphic above).

Click on the first file you want to view and then click on Open and the video will start playing.

If you like the video press the spacebar and the next video will start playing.

Now you also need Windows Explorer to be pointing to the folder you are in as well.

If you don't like a file take a note of the name (it will be in the title bar) and press the spacebar.  The next file will start playing but go to Windows Explorer and delete the file you don't like.  Return back to Irfanview and continue there.

Spacebar to advance to next video.  Windows Explorer to delete files you don't like.

This will only work if Irfanview can recognize and play the videos.  I don't know what format your videos are in but I suspect Irfanview should be able to recognize most of them.


thanks for the info
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The two solutions offered should solve the problem.

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