Quickbooks 2018 and Citrix XenDesktop windows 7

As of Quickbooks 2017 R5 and Quickbooks 2018 I am getting a licensing issue in XenDesktop

Citrix says its a 3rd party application issue
Quickbooks says they don't support Citrix

We have been using Quickbooks in XenDesktop for years just recently having issues.

what i have figured out so far
installing all additional packageds with the quickbooks 2018 installation doesn't affect the licensing service.

once quickbooks is installed

A netstat will show the following missing

picaSvc2.exe  1494
picaSvc2.exe 2598

Event viewer doesn't show any errors

citrix event viewer shows license not available when users attempt to login
if you use rdp instead of citrix your able to function fine.
SymTec-TechIT DirectorAsked:
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James RankinCommented:
|No license, no Citrix. Is your licensing server up and listening on port 27000? Where is Citrix licensing installed.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Looks like a port issue and make sure you up to date on citrix\microsoft patches.
SymTec-TechIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Vm is up to date on all patches
7.9 Vda tried 7.6 also

As for port QuickBooks doesn't use those ports according to their support

No errors in Windows event logs
James RankinCommented:
Eh? If Citrix is logging an event saying there's a license problem, then you have a CITRIX licensing problem. Nothing to do with QuickBooks. Where is your Citrix licensing server? Is the licensing service running? Is it listening on port 27000? Are the licenses valid that are uploaded to the license server? Is the license server the right version?
SymTec-TechIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Still having issues, working with citrix support we have tried it in windows 10 as well as VDA 7.15
still not working,
its not a licensing issue on the server, its a image based issue.
uninstalling quickbooks doesn't fix the issue, so its something quickbooks is changing.
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