Group Policy to manage laptop power management settings

What are the steps to create power management settings within Server 2016 for Windows 10 client computers?
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Creating a Power Plan (Windows Vista and later) item
To create a new Power Plan preference item:
1.  Open the Group Policy Management Console . Right-click the Group Policy object (GPO) that should contain the new preference item, and then click Edit .
2.  In the console tree under Computer Configuration or User Configuration , expand the Preferences folder, and then expand the Control Panel Settings folder.
3.  Right-click the Power Options node, point to New , and select Power Plan (Windows Vista and later) .
4.  In the New Power Plan (Windows Vista and later) Properties dialog box, enter power options settings for Group Policy to configure. (For more information, see Enable and Disable Settings in a Preference Item.)
5.  Click the Common tab, configure any options, and then type your comments in the Description box. (For more information, see Configure Common Options.)
6.  Click OK . The new preference item appears in the details pane.

You'll want to check out the links in steps 4 and 5 in the above article to get more details on the settings you will choose.
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Glad I could help.
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