Is my website safe from the law?

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My latest blog is finished.
It is a musicians' upload blog, with a general theme/topic for discussion, and quarterly contests for a user-made topical video for five or some thousand dollars.

Is this a potential hornet's nest? lots of legal risk ? What are the hornets?

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If there is copyrighted material (songs, word scripts, published material), the hornets are the potential use of copyrighted material.

If there is none, then no issue.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

I think you're probably asking the wrong people this question.  For the most part we're programmers, engineers and technical professionals.  Not legal professionals.

When it comes to questions about law, you should consult a lawyer.
Agreed with both experts.

If you can retain a good attorney who can draw up papers between you and your bloggers, then you should be quite safe for allegations or infringement issues. You will ofcourse have to provide best effort security to ensure that the music is not stolen.
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Law enforcement is not going to look at your site and come arrest you.  However... if someone doesn't like what you are doing, they can always sue you.  Lawsuits are how copyright issues are resolved.
You say a musicians upload blog so I assume for musicians to upload their original work which therefore means they are giving you a free licence to you to use that on your website - same with everything whereby the original author posts said content to a website and is usually outlined in their ToS

If you mean other people uploading some other artists material then you are very likely breaking the law but would be subject to the other parties copyright in respect of sharing
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Pretty simple answer.

If you're engaged in criminal activities, you're open to prosecution.

If you're not engaged in criminal activities, you're okay.

That said, anyone can sue you for anything, anytime.

The real issue is when you're sued (I've been sued numerous times in my life), how will this effect your time + finances.

Simple way to handle this is to acquire a Legal Shield Membership where you pay a flat rate every month into a legal pool. Then when you're sued, your legal expenses are covered for 100s of hours of court time + unlimited out of court time.

In the US, the person with the most time + money always wins.

If you pay a flat rate every month, then you can outlast anyone who sues you.

Every time I've been sued, it was because the person suing me... was... unscrupulous... They were looking for a quick payday.

Get Legal Shield coverage + just forget about the issue entirely + if you ever to get sued, PM me + I'll walk you through how I handle this to bankrupt the party suing you.

If you bankrupt the party suing you, they'll never sue you or anyone else again.

Consider this doing Karmic or Cosmic service.
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Alaine MaillySoftware Engineer

We are here to solve your technical problems related to your website and programming. If you have any query related to IT policy of the website then you should have to contact a lawyer who deals with IT policy.

As I also handle a website and had the problem of IT policy that time I also consulted a lawyer from consulta abogados online. Their experienced IT lawyer solved my problem, you can also do the same.

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