Are software instruments soulless rubbish?

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I'm lined up to record my music at a quality studio.
A few bars in my songs are pretty tough to play, and a software instrument would nail it, I'm sure.
The producer said her assistant would load her software instrument kit in to Pro Tools.
As luck would have it, hers is a little old. My Software instrument everything (Native Instruments Komplete) doesn't work in Pro Tools, but does in Logic.
I cant imagine the assistant's suite is a let down?
Do you think software instruments are glaringly soulless and lame?
I could make the protools incompatibility irrelevant, if I record the S.Instrument backing in Logic to the correct beats
Anyway, she has worked with tier 1 artists, and I don't want to have a >0 coefficient of clownage.
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Not sure this addresses your question, but you may appreciate it.  A while back (10 years?) I saw Yes perform, of whose early work I'm a great fan.  It was their Reunion tour, where the band was large as it included many who had played with them.  They had both drummers, one on traditional acoustic drums and the other on electronic drum pads and such.  It was an excellent opportunity to evaluate both. The drum pads were very deep, accurate, and clean.  The acoustic drums were sloppy, inconsistent, distorted, and.... had "soul".  For me, the acoustic were much more to my taste.  I should say that I'm an analytical person with no artistic talent to put this in perspective.  I appreciate and am critical of music, but I have minimal (if any!) ability to make any of it.  In general, I'd likely prefer a human performing imperfectly to a computer getting it "right".
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